Stay Safe this Tax Season with Secure Document Alliance

The time of year has arrived again, and if you’re like most businesses across the United States you’ll likely spend the next few weeks filtering through dozens of business documents, in preparation for tax season! While it can be a stressful time, without proper security practices it may lead to further unforeseen stress.

It’s a known fact Identity thieves thrive during tax season because it’s the perfect opportunity for them to track down and steal critical financial information. ABC News revealed that in 2012 alone, there was roughly $754 million in tax refunds that appeared to be suspicious and were therefore sent back. This is an alarming figure, but the good news is identity theft can be prevented through smarter document management decisions and of course, secure document shredding.

By law businesses are required to keep extensive documentation for tax purposes, the majority of which contain sensitive information that needs to be protected. Although the IRS encourages you to store some of these files even after you have completed your taxes, many of these confidential documents can be disposed of after the fact. What you don’t want to do is toss this information away in a trash bin, leaving this information exposed to the general public.

Dumpster Diving is a growing concern, and could lead to legal liabilities if it is discovered that private customer or employee information has been leaked. To guarantee that these papers don’t fall into the wrong hands, it is essential to use a trusted and reliable shredding company such as Secure Document Alliance who will properly destroy them for you.

Secure Document Alliance will help to keep your financial documents safe this tax season with the following services:

• Provide your business with secure, lockable shred bins to store sensitive documents in prior to shredding.
• Purge paper shredding services for after tax submissions, or year end.
• Bulk shredding services offered for busy times of year. We’ll arrange a regular paper shredding schedule appropriate for your needs.
• Present your business with a Certificate of Destruction, transferring your liability of the documents and showing your company’s compliance with all laws and regulations outlined under HIPPA, FACTA, and more.

For as hard as you’re working to file your taxes, criminals are putting forth that same effort to steal your personal information and identity. Secure Document Alliance implements a secure chain of custody through paper shredding policies that guarantee your information will never be exposed.
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Posted Mar 11, 2014 by admin