Security & Compliance

The SDA understands the trust you have put into us to ensure your information stays out of the public realm and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Whether your requirements call for plant based shredding or mobile shredding, SDA has a solution for you.

SDA boasts the industry leading chain of custody for completing data destruction services.  All containers are bar coded and tracked to ensure traceability throughout the life cycle of your documents and enhance your corporate compliance.  With the recent advances in reporting, SDA is able to provide container fullness, service optimization information to ensure customers are fully optimized at all times and not paying for unneeded service of containers.

Secure transportation of customer information is maintained at all times. All SDA courier vehicles and trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS tracking and monitoring as to know the location of all SDA vehicles at all times. Each truck has lock out systems which eliminate the risk of cargo doors being left open. This is just a sample of one of the many compliance measures in place that mitigate the risk of material being comprised.

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